About the MHL

Mississauga Hockey League (MHL) Resources

The Mississauga Hockey League (MHL) has a wealth of resources, frequently asked questions and guides for parents, coaches and league officials.  These are very valuable and every parent and where applicable player and coach should be familiar with the information that pertains to them.

The information can be found by following the link www.hockey.on.ca

The information can be found by navigating the menu bar on the left side of the home page.  The main menu on the left is shown below and specifically shows the contents of the “Team Officials” tab.


This information that relates to the player and their family.   Everyone should be familiar with this information in this section.

“FAQ & Parent Guide to the MHL” is important documentation that should be read and understood by everyone involved in minor hockey.

“Rules & Regulations” contains the MHL yearbook, minimum suspension list and various policies, including concussion, discipline emphasis, etc.

“Concussions” includes detailed information on return to play process and Hockey Canada Injury Reports.

There is also information on arena locations, awards, forms, links to bladenet game center (which also has its own direct link off the main menu),  playoff formats and so on

Players and families should be familiar with this “Players” tab on the main menu.  This has answers to many of the common questions that many families have.

This information is available to everyone.

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