Board Of Directors

Richard Foote,
Acts as CEO of the board. Ensures all orders & resolutions of the board are carried out.
Steve Johnston,
Past President
Provides assistance & guidance to the President. Chairperson for the Constitution Committee.
Jim Barbour,
Special Advisor
Provides assistance to the President and Executive Board as required.
Steve MyersSteve Myers,
Vice President Finance
Responsible for keeping a full & accurate set of books for the MMHA. Controls all disbursements.
Clark AitkenClark Aitken,
Responsible for the receipt, care, and disbursement of money.
Meadowvale front crest copy 2Vacant,
He or she is an active conduit for communication by ensuring that meetings are properly called by giving notice.
Responsible for the distribution of materials such as agendas and the meeting minutes.
Dave Johnston,
Vice President Operations
Responsible for all Hockey operations in the MMHA. Provide leadership & resolve to coaches, players and parents involved with 'A' Rep, Hawks and Ice Puppys.
Directors of Operations:
Assistant Operations
Provide assistance to coaches, players and parents involved with 'A' Rep, Hawks and Ice Puppys. Reports to VP Operations.
Edward BullerEdward Buller,
Responsible for all aspects of the registration process.
Works with President, VP MMHA and VP Finance.
Ron Popadiuk,
Rep 'A' Director
Responsible for all issues, programs & activities involving 'A' Rep teams. Reports to VP Operations.
Kaz HaqKaz Haq,
Hawks Director
Responsible for all issues, programs & activities involving "HL" Hawks teams. Reports to VP Operations.
Matt WhiteMatt White,
Assistant Hawks Director
Assists Director of House League Program.
Reports to VP Operations.
Niki Beneteau,
Ice Puppy Program Director
Responsible for the overall operation and development of the Ice Puppy program, managing all volunteers and providing guidance to the other Ice Puppy Directors. Reports to VP of Operations.
Jordan Dutfield,
Ice Puppy Operations Director

Responsible for Ice Puppy team selection and management.
Jonathan Tremblay,
Ice Puppy Events Director
Responsible for Ice Puppy events.
Meadowvale front crest copy 2Frank Florindo,
Head Convenor
Responsible for player placement with assistance of House League director and series managers. Works with VP MMHA & VP Operations.
Sean Beneteau,
Ice Allocation Director
Ongoing management of all allocated practice ice for MMHA teams and use.
Matt WhiteMatt White,
Discipline Director
Responsible for the administration of all programs & activities related to the “A” teams.
Meadowvale front crest copy 2Vacant,
Equipment Director
Responsible for the maintaining, storing, purchasing and distribution of all MMHA equipment.
Meadowvale front crest copy 2Vacant,
Jr. Mentor Director
Assists in supporting our youth members in gaining volunteer hours by accepting, appointing and authorizing team selection.
Tracy Graham-Urwin,
Vice President Marketing
Responsible for the coordination internal and external marketing activities, special events, public relations, sponsorship and brand recognition.
Directors of Marketing:
Todd KeelyTodd Keely,
Sponsorship Agent
Assists Meadowvale in obtaining strategic partnerships and sponsor opportunities.
Assists with various MMHA special events.
Anna Johnston,
Website/Social Media Publisher
Responsible for website design, content and maintenance and all Social Media channels.
Tracy Graham-Urwin,
Programming Director
Works closely with MMHA coaches and players to ensure a successful season. Assists with coordinating various special events. Manages Picture Day, Goalie Clinics and various hockey programs.
Liz - profile picture Jan. 2008Liz Wilson-Ciconte,
Publicity Director
Writes the Meadowvale monthly newsletter.
Promotes MMHA in various media for special events and leads MMHA in media competitions.
Meadowvale front crest copy 2David Shaw,
Hockey Ambassador
Key liaison between the Mississauga Steelheads and the Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association.
Promotes the Meadowvale/Steelheads charity night. Assists with various MMHA special events
Sherry LongSherry Long,
Responsible for organizing and coordinating events at Meadowvale Hockey with the assistance of the Marketing Team.
Jason D'Gama,
Awards Director / Sponsorship
Responsibilities include organizing MMHA Annual Awards Day and the collection, recording and distribution of sponsorhip fees.
Hazel Dgama3Hazel D'Gama,
Assistant Awards Director
Responsible for MMHA Awards Day as well as maintaining our various carry-over trophies and our Volunteer 10-year Wall of Fame.
Jaime Myers,
Volunteer Coordinator
Manages and coordinates volunteers by accepting and appointing to MMHA Events and various tasks.
Moe Responsibilities include Entertainment at Meadowvale Four Rinks and putting smiles on everyones faces.

February 28th, 2019