Covid-19 Updates – Hockey 2021-2022

Last updated November 03, 2021

City of Mississauga, Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire link that can be completed before heading to the arena

This information is current as we know it as indicated by the “Lasted updated” date in the header above.  Information changes frequently.  An attempt will be made to keep this webpage current.  Please monitor the various government announcements, GTHL announcements and MHL announcements for the latest information.

The rules that must be followed when playing hockey in a City of Mississauga facility are governed by the Government of Ontario and the City of Mississauga. 

When you play hockey in the Mississauga Hockey League, our regulations come from the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL). 

The Ontario Government, City of Mississauga and GTHL rules must be followed.   Where a requirement conflicts, the stricter requirement is enforced to play youth hockey in Mississauga.

MHL What to Expect For the 2021-2022 Hockey Season

The MHL has released a document that provides a summary of information as of September 21, 2021 on vaccination policy for participants and volunteers, access to the City of Mississauga owned and managed arenas, capacity considerations, and other valuable information.  This is derived from the Government of Ontario requirements that went in to affect September 22, 2021, the City of Mississauga Arena Protocols dated July 19, 2021 and the GTHL Game Plan 2.0 release from August 25, 2021.


Please follow this link to familiarize yourself with what to expect and the requirements, released Wednesday, September 22, 2021 by the MHL

GTHL Game Plan 2.0 outlining Return to Play framework including Vaccination Policy

The GTHL is the governing body of the MHL, and youth hockey in Mississauga and Toronto and sets that hockey framework.  

Please follow this link to familiarize yourself with the GTHL Game Plan 2.0 outlining Return to Play framework including Vaccination Policy released Wednesday, August 25

The GTHL has released the process for Vaccine Accommodations on September 5, 2021. The request process and the form can be found on the Mississauga Hockey League website by following this link

City of Mississauga Arena Policy outlining rules to be followed at Mississauga Arenas

City of Mississauga updates access to Arenas Requiring Vaccine Proof INCLUDING
Sport Participants – Effective November 1, 2021

This information will be obsolete by the new requirement that will become effective
November 1, 2021. See link above.
The below information is updated by the Government of Ontario announcement.  The City of Mississauga news update describing vaccine requirements was issues on September 17, 2021 and is now in effect.

City of Mississauga owns and operates the facilities in which the Mississauga Hockey League plays hockey.

Please follow this link to familiarize yourself with the latest arena protocols and what to expect at the facility.  Policy effective September 22, 2021. 

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