House League Head Coaches 2017/2018

Please note: This list is tentative and for guidance purposes only. Levels and divisions are subject to change throughout the Evaluation and Convening process. This divisional structure will be finalized in the days following the final convening meeting, which is currently scheduled in November.
If you are interested in applying for one of the open coaching positions please e-mail
ME032Minor Novice | Novice2009/2010RedMike Rose
ME033Minor Novice | Novice2009/2010WhiteJordan Dutfield
ME034Minor Novice | Novice2009/2010WhiteDan Vidler
ME035Minor Novice | Novice2009/2010BlueKevin Muise
ME036Minor Novice | Novice2009/2010BlueTyler Prevette
ME037Minor Novice | Novice2009/2010BlueDavid de Jonge van der Halen
ME038Minor Novice | Novice2009/2010GreenJeremy Nash
ME052Minor Atom | Atom2007/2008Red Wayne Field
ME053Minor Atom | Atom2007/2008RedJean Richer
ME054Minor Atom | Atom2007/2008RedAlex Klimsiak
ME055Minor Atom | Atom2007/2008WhiteKevin McCullough
ME056Minor Atom | Atom2007/2008BlueMark Placzek
ME057Minor Atom | Atom2007/2008BlueBrent Jones
ME058Minor Atom | Atom2007/2008GreenEmily Leavens
ME059Minor Atom | Atom2007/2008GreenAl Blake
ME062Minor Peewee2006RedGilman Wong
ME063Minor Peewee2006WhiteAndrew Hart
Jeremy Miller
Minor Peewee2006BlueSteven Pyne
ME072Peewee2005RedJoe Couto
ME073Peewee2005RedKevin Mills
ME074Peewee2005WhiteSean Kearley
ME075Peewee2005WhiteDave Shaw
ME076Peewee2005BlueScott Williamson
ME082Minor Bantam2004RedCam Gioia
ME083Minor Bantam2004WhiteJohn Bobiwash
ME092Bantam2003RedJames Neate
ME093Bantam2003RedJames Parsons
George Kyriakis
ME094Bantam2003WhiteJamie Hynes
ME095Bantam2003BlueAndrew Pettit
ME102Minor Midget2002RedTony Leung
ME103Minor Midget2002RedTy Trainor
ME104Minor Midget2002BlueNeal Ferguson
ME112Midget2000/2001RedSteve Johnston
ME113Midget2000/2001RedJimmy Qaqish
ME114Midget2000/2001WhiteDav Vidler
ME115Midget2000/2001WhiteRon Popadiuk