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Welcome to Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association.

The registration fees have been broken down in order to shows the allocations of the fees, to the Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association (MMHA) and our governing body the Mississauga Hockey League (MHL). The combination of the two fees is the total registration cost.

To make payment easier to manage, we’ve continued a “staggered payment plan” that will break payments down into monthly credit card payments from registration date through November. The table above shows the details of the payment plan.

As per the City of Mississauga, an additional $65.00 per player fee will be applied to registrants from outside of Mississauga. This is a City of Mississauga and not an MHL or MMHA fee. Residents from outside of Mississauga must indicate this when registering.

We will start accepting 2019-2020 registrations for new and returning players as of  April 16th, 2019.

Registration Amount
*** Registration Amount include the MHL Gate Replacement Fee
of $245.00 for House League and $600.00 for GOLD/A
Before June 1st June 1st Onward         
Ice Puppy (2013,2014,2015)$475.00$495.00
M. Novice - M. Peewee$620.00$645.00
Peewee - M. Midget$655.00$690.00
Midget Jr. - Midget Sr.$460.00$470.00
'A' Rep$1295.00$1295.00

*Note:  Meadowvale Minor Hockey will not be entering Juvenile age teams this season.
Please contact Jeff Leavens ( at the MHL Office to find an association entering Juvenile age teams.

Registration for the 2019-2020 season will again utilize the Hockey Canada Registration (HCR) system. This system is used by all leagues across Canada and is governed, maintained, and developed by Hockey Canada.  All members of the MHL, GTHL, OMHA, and Alliance will be using this system again this season. The HCR offers a very secure system which will ensure privacy of information for all members.

Returning players will need to enter their email address and passwords. If you’ve forgotten your password there’s a convenient tab to request it from Hockey Canada.  The MHL does have access to passwords.  Please record your password and keep it safe, you will need this to access your details at a later date to make any changes/updates, to download your Fitness Tax Credit receipt, and to register for next season.

New players: Who are registering with the MHL or with Meadowvale for the first time will go through the same procedure as returning players. You will be accepted as space permits. A limited number of players from outside the City of Mississauga will be permitted to register and play on Meadowvale House League teams.

MMHA Early Bird registration – I hereby acknowledge that if registering for the Early Bird package I understand that if I select payment by cheque, payment must be received in full or post dated cheques are provided no later then April 30th at 11:59pm. Cheques can be dropped off at Meadowvale 4 Rinks or mailed into the Box 21113 6677 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle, Mississauga, On, L5N 6A2. Failure to provide payment on time will result in registration order reverting to new fees.

Additional Costs – Team Budgets

If you’re new to sports, in this case hockey, you may not be aware that there are additional costs which are not covered by an association’s annual Registration Fees. This is meant to provide some further guidance.

House League, Rep and Gold across all age groups run a budget for the expenses which are deemed important by the Head Coach and Team Manager. There is not a fixed amount, as costs fluctuate vary based on different variables. The budget will be divided equally by the number of players on a team. Each family will share equally in these team expenses:

– additional ice time (on top of the any weekly practice provided by MMHA)
– additional training/specialty programs
– tournaments and exhibition games (permits, registration fees, referee costs)
– goalie training
– coaching and volunteer certification cost
– team apparel
– merchandise/printing
– Team events, such as year end parties and other

Once a Head Coach and Team Manager determine their expenses and create a budget, all parents will be informed of the budget at the beginning of the year to inform participants where the funds will be allocated. Head Coaches do their best to keep costs reasonable. The Team Manager will provide a budget update mid-year and at the end of the hockey season.

Fundraising efforts and sponsorships are usually required to offset team expenses. Rep A, GOLD and RED teams will typically have higher budgets than other levels (WHITE, BLUE and GREEN). Rep A and GOLD coaches will provide detailed budgets prior to players committing to a rep team (Spring). House League Coaches will typically determine and discuss budgets during the convening period (September-October).

The Process:

All registrations will take place on-line. Payment can be handled on-line by credit card or by mailed cheque.  As in the past, players are only allowed to register and play with one MHL Association.  Once you register with Meadowvale, or any other Association within the MHL, you will be committed to that Association until you are either accepted or declined if there are no spots available.

When registering using the HCR system you will require the following information:

  • Valid an email address.  Ensure that it is correctly entered.  This will be the primary method of communication.  Incorrect information may delay or prevent communications about association events, tryouts and evaluations,
  • Birth Certificate/Registration number or Passport number
  • Agree to the City of Mississauga & MHL Fair Play Code of Conduct.  Please understand and honor this code of conduct.

At the completion of the registration please print registration confirmation.

Key Points:

  • When registering, watch for fields marked with an asterisk (*)… these fields are mandatory.  The asterisk isn’t always very obvious against the background of HCR.
  • When entering player email please type the address you want us to use to contact you for important schedules, updates etc.  DO NOT ENTER THE PLAYER’S EMAIL unless they are the primary contact for all communications.
  • When you set up your Profile, please ensure that the name/address info matches the info related to the credit card holder who will be paying for the registrant(s), assuming you wish to pay by credit card. This is one issue that “haunted” us with the old registration system… if the registrant’s address didn’t match the address on the payer’s credit card statement, the transaction was voided and the registration would not be completed.
  • Early in the process you’ll see a spot to enter your “Hockey ID”. If you don’t have one don’t worry about this field, leave it blank.  Later in the process you’ll see a field for “Discount Codes”… you can leave this one blank as well. Multiple player discounts are handled separately from this.
  • Certain older Internet Explorer version 6 browsers have issues at the Address section of Online Registration. They do not have any fields to type in information and cannot continue. It is not ALL version 6 browsers; it is a specific version of that version 6 browser that, for some reason, does not show the address fields on that page. You can check your Internet Explorer version by clicking on Help > About Internet Explorer within Internet Explorer.  It is recommended that you update your browser to the newest version by going to the Microsoft Update site at since version 6 is over 7 years old and is extremely insecure.

House League Ages:

DivisionBirth Year
Ice Puppy2013, 2014,2015
Minor Novice2012
Minor Atom2010
Minor Peewee2008
Minor Bantam2006
Minor Midget2004
Midget Jr/Sr2002/2003

House League and Ice Puppy Cancellation & Release Policy:
Once your registration with Meadowvale is complete, cancellation charges will apply if you choose to withdrawal from the program. Player releases are at the sole discretion of the Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association Board of Directors.  Granting requests for releases are uncommon.  No Release can be given after November 15th. Cancellation charges for House League registrations are deducted as follows:

Before July 15th$200.00
July 16th - August 1st$300.00
August 2nd - September 1st$405.00
After September 2ndNo Refund

**If you are paying in installments by Credit Card, future payments will be canceled or adjusted based on the date of the cancelation request. If a cancelation request is placed after September 2nd you will still be required to pay the full remaining balance. Failure to do so will result in an Outstanding Fee being applied on the account.

**If you are paying by cheque, full payment is required for any cancelation after September 2nd. Failure to do so will result in an Outstanding Fee being applied on the account.

Rep ‘A’ & Gold Cancellation & Release Policy:
Once a Rep ‘A’ or a Gold player has signed their card, no release and no refund will be given.

“The coach release policy is described in the MHL Year Book (rule 30.06). The Year Book can be found on the MHL website ( under Team Officials following the Rules & Regulations tab. Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association policy is not to release coaches or other registered staff based on the previously mentioned rule.”

Non Residents
A limited number of players living outside of Mississauga will be allowed to register under certain circumstances. Please contact the registrar to apply for “non-resident” admission. Players found to be registered under a false address will be removed from the MMHA and no refund will be given.
Please note Non-Resident fees are $65.00.


For families with more than one player registered with Meadowvale, there is a sibling discount as follows:

1st playerFull fee
2nd player discount$50.00
3rd player discount$150.00
Subsequent players$250.00

Payment Methods:

As in previous years we will continue to accept Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit or personal cheques. Please do not mail cash, money orders or certified cheques. Please mail cheques to: PO Box 21113, 6677 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle, Mississauga, ON L5N 6A2.

All “A” and “Gold” players must have paid in full or be on an active payment plan by July 15th. Failure to meet this requirement will be met with a suspension of the player from all hockey activities.

Any house league or Ice Puppy registrants not paid in full by November 10th may be, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, suspended from all hockey activities.

LAST YEAR ACROSS THE ONTARIO HOCKEY FEDERATION (OHF) : Respect in Sport must be completed by one parent or guardian of the registered player in order for uninterrupted hockey participation. Please click on the following link to complete the on-line course.

To register on-line for the Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association (Ice Puppys, House League, or Rep ‘A’) please follow the link below:


If you encounter any problems during Registration, please contact Registrar at Meadowvale Hockey