Convening an Important Part of House League

Each of the eight Mississauga Hockey League (MHL) associations is responsible for the execution of their evaluation programs.  These teams will be placed in the level that the association believes best represents the skill levels of the players. This is a temporary placement that must be accepted by the MHL following the convening process.  This is a common approach across all associations.

It is important to realize that this is the first step towards balancing the various age groups and levels. In the next six to seven weeks, known as the “convening period”, representatives from each association and members from the MHL board of Directors will monitor all the age groups and levels in an attempt to balance and organize the divisions. During the convening period rosters are not approved by the MHL and individual players or entire teams may be moved in order to improve the balance with the goal of fair competition. In situations where an association has more than one team in the same age group and level and balance is an issue the coaches, the association’s convener and possibly a Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association board member may re-balance the teams by moving players.

During the convening period parents, players and coaches should be aware that the entry level of the team may or may not represent the skill level in comparison to other association teams. When teams are perceived as stronger than the divisional competitors they may be scheduled to play teams from the higher division or even higher age groups to determine if they can be competitive at the higher level. When teams are perceived as weaker than the divisional competitors they may be schedule to play teams from a lower division or younger age groups to determine if that is a more appropriate competitive level.

The convening period needs to be understood so the dynamics, the short scheduling windows and movements do not cause undo frustration or concern to players or parents. Although player or team movement may be difficult they are in the best interest of the players involved.  The initial player placement is difficult for a number of reasons; kids haven’t skated all summer, development is different for every player, the overall registration numbers across the MHL, etc. Coaches do their best during their evaluation times provided and all coaches at all levels support each other for their age group during this time.

Coaches and conveners are connected before the first game is played and are in constant contact as the convening process moves forward. The Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association and its Board of Directors takes the convening period very seriously. We are lucky to have a head convener that is very well respected in the MHL. His years of experience prove very valuable as we progress through the convening period.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact the head convener representing the Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association by e-mail

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