Evaluation Process

House League Evaluation Structure

The Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association (MMHA) has always strived to provide fair and equal evaluation for all participants using our own volunteers. Our volunteers have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of hockey, the association and its participants. The evaluation process is constantly being refined and updated based on feedback from the players, parents and the association’s volunteers.

Two Sunday’s in September are reserved for the evaluation and placement of registered players on teams. These two Sunday’s allow the divisional coaches at all levels to evaluate the players on a relative scale. The age group will typically receive an allocation of ice on each Sunday in direct proportion to the number of registered participants. Multi-hour allocations are typically sub-divided into 50 minute blocks. A player’s previous hockey experience and knowledge of this player is taken into consideration assigning players to the appropriate sub-allocation. Efforts are made to balance the different sub-allocations within an age group. There is a potential for the player to be at a different time then players they may have played with in the previous year but they will remain on the ice with their specific age group.  Coaches may choose to execute different drills for the different time slot within an age group that are believed applicable with the participant’s experience.

Meadowvale promotes this model to help create equal comparisons based on previous knowledge of the player. This leverages the wealth of experience our volunteers bring to the process. There are a number of factors that could appear as misplacement during the first week evaluations. Many players play in summer hockey leagues and train over the summer. The Meadowvale level up model allows those players who have progressed more rapidly over the summer to be identified. Higher skilled players may be asked to stay for additional sessions.

The evaluations constitute a major effort to place kids on a skill appropriate team. The volunteers do a very good job identifying and placing players. There is a seven week convening process that commences at season start, which follows the second evaluation Sunday. The convening process may identify obvious mistakes that may have occurred in player placement. The divisional construct will be based on level appropriate teams from all associations. To understand the convening process see “Convening” under the House League Program on the Meadowvale Minor Hockey website.

The Evaluation Schedule provides general guidance on the ice allocation for the different age groups. The player will be contacted the Thursday prior to the first evaluation to indicate time slot to attend. Unless otherwise advised prior to the second week this is the time for both Sunday evaluations.

Please ensure you notify the divisional representative if you will be absent from either of the evaluations. Absence from both sessions makes it very difficult to determine placement on a level appropriate team. Placement on a team would be conditional with Hawks Director level involvement and subject to convening identification and monitoring.

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Questions???  Please contact our Hawks Director – hawks@meadowvalehockey.com

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